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Brain Rewiring

The Brain Performance Booster is a five-part video-audio presentation designed to provide important, basic education to help you achieve optimal health. The focus is understanding the brain in connection with the gut, adrenals, liver, heart, immune system, and lymphatic system to be able to work from cause to effect and effectively treat problems you face. In the learning process, you will:

  • Learn how to change and improve your attitude and mental abilities.
  • Reduce stress and recover from trauma.
  • Understand the cause of mental health disorders and necessary treatment using nature’s resources.

Specific disorders are: depression, anxiety, diabetes type III of the brain, obesity, dementia, Alzheimer’s, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism.

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Video and Audio Presentations

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This fantastic Brain Performance Booster Web App, a key part of the Brain Health and Total Wellness App, written and produced by psychologist, Dr. Meletha St. Hill, was created to educate persons to make necessary changes for growth and success. As a result, the app provides a simplistic and comprehensive study on the functioning of the brain for persons 10 years and older. The Brain Performance Booster App includes: 


  • Parts 1-3, and 5 comprise 6 videos on improving brain functioning, brain rewiring, changing distorted thinking, treatment of mental health disorders, learning and memory strategies, influencing and changing behavior, improving motivation, as well as managing stress and overcoming trauma. 
  • Part 4 consists of 6 audios that provide practical application for learning and memory enhancement during study, attitude-behavior change, therapeutic session on trauma recovery, stretching and muscle toning, and a relaxation exercise.
  • Handbook with notes, therapeutic worksheet activities, brain rewiring activities, changing distorted thinking, mental health remedies, lifestyle guidelines, food preparation, recipes, brain-based learning strategies, critical thinking, creativity, and improving intrinsic motivation.
  • Offline app use of pages you visited online in the last day.
  • This is a membership app, which requires a subscription of one year with the option to renew.

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Access the App

To access the resources in this Brain Performance Booster (BPB) App, you will need to:

  • Subscribe for membership to get an assessment, access the videos and audios for one year, and have the option of printing the PDF of the handbook.
  • Assessment. Make request for a mental health assessment after you register. Just click on the link provided in the opening app page.
  • Register as a member. Here, you will be able to create your username and password, which you will use to login to the BPB App. 
  • Login. Enter your username, email address, and password. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the Brain Performance Booster App Resources.
  • As a general guide, it is advised that you follow the sequence of viewing videos #5, 1, 2, and 3. The videos guide in the use of the exercises in Part 4 audio series.
  • Use Part 3 videos as educational resources.
  • Note that Part 5 video is motivational and can be used with the relaxation audio (#6 in the audio series; also in the app preview) at any time and for any age group, especially children and teens.

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