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Brain with cells firing in the background

1-Your Brain at Work for You

Brain functions and health

The focus of this video presentation is the information pathway that informs all your thoughts and behaviors to increase brain activity; the connections between the brain and gut, the brain-adrenal-HPA, the brain and lymphatic-immune systems, and between the brain and the heart. Through these connections, you will understand brain health challenges that include trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, dementia, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Type 3 Diabetes of the brain, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Autism.

Learn how the brain interacts with the body, behavior, environment, emotions, lifestyle, learning-memory, trust, thinking smart, senses, and the spirit to promote mental and physical health, improved relationships with God and other people, academic and career success, motivation, and improved behaviors.

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2-Making Your Brain Work for You

Brain health remedies

In this part of the video presentation, consideration is given to brain-wiring and rewiring. In so doing, it is important to look at the brain-body and mind-spirit networks. Here, the emphases are neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, and nature’s methods of secreting and balancing chemicals via change in thought processes, nutrition, and lifestyle for a healthy brain, as well as to treat mental health disorders. To make these practical, you will be given important considerations for meal planning and preparation, and some brain-health recipes.

An important demonstration has been provided to give understanding as to what a healthy lifestyle looks like on a daily basis. The program will make it relatively easy for persons to implement healthy practices.

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3-Think, Learn, & Behave Smart

Improve intelligence

Once you understand the basics of how the brain works and how to make it work for you, you will need to take the next step by turning your brain into a “Smart Brain.” Similar to your smart device, your smart brain needs applications, or apps, to make it function optimally. Just as you learn to use apps for your smart phone, you need to learn apps for your brain. The three brain apps are think, learn-memory, and behave. These are presented in the video series.

Think Smart includes: intrinsic motivation, self-control, changing distorted thinking, critical thinking, and creativity.

Learn Smart Utilizes brain-based learning strategies, which are learning-skills in keeping with how the brain functions. Beneficial for students, teachers, parents, and persons across all backgrounds and life stages.

Behave Smart focuses on developing and changing behavior so that a person acts in a manner that improves mental and physical health, relationships with God and others, as well as academic and career performance.

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4-A Brain Boosting Experience

Practice strategies

This part of the presentation is strictly audio and it provides opportunities for brain boosting activities that can be done in the privacy of your home. There are six parts as follows: 

Pre-Study Booster to prepare you to learn and remember what you study.

Mid and Post-Study Booster activities designed to help you improve your learning ability and get the most out of your study.

Attitude-Behavior Change to help you change negative attitudes and behaviors.

Trauma Recovery to guide you through the therapeutic process of recovery from traumatic experiences. 

Stretching and Muscle-Toning Exercise. You can grow your brain by spending a few minutes doing the simple workout session that you can do anywhere.

Relaxation Exercise. This is a stress reduction exercise that will help you to relax, contribute to the lowering your blood pressure, improve your immune system function, and improve your learning and memory ability. 

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5-I Have the Power to Make It

Motivated to positive thinking

This is a motivational video especially for youth. This presentation affirms that you are special. You have got potential for greatness, which you must explore at any cost. You have the potential to make a contribution to your community, country and the world, such as no one else could do. Therefore, you must say from this day, “I will make it Big Time!”

To make it big time, you must recognize that you have the power to become the person of your dream, giving consideration to your personality and interests. This power is available. It is in your mind.

Brain with cells firing in the background and text

Brain Performance Booster Handbook

Notes, worksheets, and recipes

The handbook has been provided to help persons make application of all the teaching material presented. Thus, you will benefit from abridged notes, brain rewiring activity sheets, lifestyle requirements, mental health remedies, self-regulation, self-control, brain-based learning strategies, motivation improvement, critical thinking, creativity, health nuggets that provide remedies for common lifestyle health issues, food preparation guidelines, recipes, and poultices to support brain health — all of which have been provided.

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