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Dr. Meletha M. E. St. Hill

Psychologist, Consultant, Author

Dr. St. Hill is intrigued by the brain and its functioning, particularly looking at its connections to specific organs in relation to mental health, learning, memory, motivation, behavior, and performance in academics and on the job. She refers to this synergy as functional psychology, or her neuro-physio-cognitive-psychological theory. Its summary is in the relationship that exists between the Body, Behavior, Environment, Emotions, Lifestyle, Learning and Memory, Trust, Thinking Smart, Senses, and Spirit. In this understanding is the key to understanding and reversing mental health disorders and lifestyle diseases as well as improving general physical health and vitality.

Dr. St. Hill is the author of several books, audio and video presentations, and web apps. She sees clients, individuals, and couples in counseling. Her consultation practice has allowed her opportunity to work with groups in schools, companies, community groups, and religious organizations.

You will be fascinated with Dr. St. Hill’s style of live presentations. Send her an invitation to speak with the persons in your organization. You are guaranteed a life-changing experience.

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